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About Us

Moh’d. Al-Houti is one of the Trading & Contracting Company looking after the field of General services in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Defence  and Power sectors. A professionally  managed company having in depth knowledge of technical aspects of all equipments, piping in process and power industry and aiming to grow up as steady, eminent and reliable enterprise.The products are sourced from accredited manufacturers having ISO certification from Europe, America, Far East and Indian Sub continent.

Our company slogan “fast, faithfully and accurately” is based on service spirit for customers satisfaction in areas we have been engaging in the sales promoting at various field extending from a grand plant facilities to small as supplying relative material and equipments and expanding the field and lines continuously.

We are being contacted by leading National and International contractors and customers of different interests for trading affairs and to feel satisfaction by joining business with us. From this time forth, we will advance everlastingly with continue reformation and growth with our ceaseless efforts.

With a thought which will be in existence and contribute our customer and partners profit than ours and still more, with carrying out a role positively for abundant future society. We Al-Houti will do our utmost towards the goal of fixing such and our image in the business society and will continue to grow up with all of you.
Alongside this vital work, the business development, research and technical staff of the company have been concentrating on reaching new markets, both national and international, whilst striving for even higher quality awards.

Management Structure

Mr. Jassim Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Houti Chairman
Mr. Husker K. Pareed Project Manager
Mr. Giuseppe Ciro Snichelotto Director (Globchem Service International s.r.rl)
Mr. Satheesh Kumar Site Manager
Mr. Rakesh Renji Admin Manager
Mr. Mohammad Mosibullah Project Engineer
Mr. Antonino Maresca Site Manager (Globchem Service International s.r.rl)


Contact Details


Post Box No. 24770,
Safat – 13108

Phone: +965 22636376
Mobile: +965 66944769
Fax: +965 22636367
E-mail: info@alhouti.com

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